Your body is meant to feel amazing. Moving your body regularly and moving your body well is key to feeling great. One of the most under-utilized tools for feeling great doesn't require spending any money or taking much time out of your day. This mysterious and beautiful tool is your breath mechanism. There are many options when it comes to breath and today I'd like to share with you one exercise I practice daily to ground myself, to relax and to appreciate the beauty that is the human body.

I originally learned this exercise from Kelly Kane at the Kane School while I was doing my teacher training, but up until recently, I only applied this breath exercise to the ribcage.

In this version, which I learned from Chantill Lopez of Skillful Teaching, we feel the breath moving our body from the pelvis up the body all the way to the top of the head.

I'm seriously in love with this exercise and I hope that you find it helpful to ground yourself, relax, and relieve tension as much as I do.

I encourage you to download this mp3 and save it to your phone or computer so you may practice it daily.

Eventually you'll get to where you don't need my guidance and can perform this anytime and anywhere you'd like.

As soon as I notice tension or anxiousness in my body, I tap into my breath and feel the magic of the breath helping to calm me.

Click green "3-D Breath" link below and the audio will begin right away.


{Click the "download" link in the player to download. Once it's downloaded, drop the file into iTunes. Voila!}

Let me know your experience with this exercise in the comments below.