Yep, I have a foot fetish. But not the weird sexual kind. The healthy kind. 

Our feet dictate so much of what happens in the rest of our body. They are, after all, the foundation of the body anytime we bear weight on them.

Happy and healthy feet can dictate happy and healthy alignment throughout the body. Likewise if the feet are not healthy, aligned and functioning properly, they can cause misalignment up the chain of the body.

AND the moment we bear weight on our feet, our calves automatically activate. The connection between the calves and the feet is quite undeniable.

Today I share with you a calf release which will help to open up and mobilize your feet and ankles. Grab a pinky ball and a block (or simply a tennis ball) and try it with me!

Now that you’re finished. Do you feel a difference in your foot and ankle mobility? Let me know in the comments below. 

If you REALLY wanna treat your feet, try this calf stretch after you've finished mobilizing with the pinky ball.



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