I love going to a Pilates class, but when I can’t make it in to the studio or I just need a little tune-up at the end of the day, I LOVE having my mat and props at home and ready for me. Today I’d like to share a list of my favorite props and the brands that I love(with links!).  Use this as a reference to begin building your own home Pilates space.

You’ll notice that the 3 main sites I reference are Balanced Body, OPTP & good ole Amazon.com


Pilates Mat:

Pilates mats are thicker than yoga mats due to the amount of spinal articulation and spinal rolling that we do. Getting a thick, high quality mat is something you won’t regret.

I have been through several brands of Pilates mats and my hands-down favorite is the Balanced Body EcoWise Pilates Mat.

These mats are truly tough. They have a ton of traction, so your mat won’t slide on the ground and you won’t slide on your mat. I have beaten and battered these mats, and they continue to be resilient day in and day out.

Magic Circle:

I’ve used many a magic circle. My favorite ones are a medium resistance and have nice cushions on the inside and outside of the ring. Balanced Body and OPTP sell my faves: Balanced Body Magic Circle

OPTP Magic Circle

Bumpy Ball:

You can go to the toy store and find an inflated ball in a cage to use in lieu of a bumpy ball.

But when you’re ready to go pro, here is bumpy ball I LOVE via OPTP

Pinky Ball:

I LOVE having a pinky ball with me at all times. This versatile and inexpensive tool can help you manage pain and relieve tension throughout the body. Get one on OPTP here.

or on Balanced Body here.

Foam Rollers: 

Some days I wonder how I ever survived without a foam roller. I love having a foam roller that is soft and long enough to lie down on lengthwise (36"x6").

Here is the link to the OPTP Soft Foam Roller. The softness and gentle massage that you get from this will help you feel great.


No one knows therabands like the Theraband brand. What you’ll get is consistency. Each color of band signifies a different resistance.

Most of my female clients enjoy using a Blue Theraband. And the men enjoy a black band. You can purchase a combo pack of 1 Blue band & 1 black band here.

Hand Weights:

Most females enjoy 2 or 3lb hand weights. Men typically like 5lbs for the types of exercises we do in Pilates. I’d suggest hitting up your local athletic stores for this one, a basic hand weight will do. But if you’d like to order online, I’d go with these.


9x6x3” is the size that I enjoy. You can typically find these at your local fitness outlet, but here is a link to the Balanced Body blocks, which are great.

There you have it, my extensive list of  props that are awesome for your at-home Pilates workouts.

Now I want to hear from you. What are your favorite props? Which ones do you feel like you can't live without? I want to know in the comments below!