“I don’t like lifting my head in the ab exercises” is something I hear quite often from my students. Finding success and freedom in the "nod & curl" or "head lift" is a journey and not a destination.

But somedays isn’t it nice just to leave your head on the mat? I think so.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s truly challenging to keep your head down during some abdominal exercises and work on maintaining a neutral spine.

In fact some of the ab exercises are more challenging with the head on the mat.

Today, I’m encouraging you to give your head and neck a break so you can get deep into the abs with this “Crunchless Abs” series. I’ve woven together 4 exercises in a sequence where the legs create the load into the abdominals.

These particular exercises can be tricky. If you’re unfamiliar with neutral pelvis, check out this post and use these pictures as a guide. The position of your pelvis through this series is everything!

Grab a mat and let’s give it a go! Remember, if you don’t feel this in your abdominals, you likely aren’t stabilizing your pelvis. It makes ALL the difference.

Now that you’re finished. I want to know: How did it feel to keep your head down on the mat? Did you like it better? Were you able to stabilize your pelvis and get that deep work going? What do you struggle with most on the mat? I wanna hear all about it in the comments below.