Do you love crunches? If the answer is a big H-to-the-NO, I challenge you to try this sequence. Then you can let me know if I change your mind- or not.

There is a lot to love about the abdominal sequence I’m sharing with you today. Here’s what’s great about Eccentric Situps (aka Bumpy Ball Abs):

  1. Eccentric loading into the muscles (lengthening + strengthening at the same time) is super healthy for your muscles. That strength + stretch combo will help prevent injury and give you long muscles. When you lay over the ball you get that eccentric contraction through your abdominals.
  2. When you lay over the ball your ribcage goes into extension, which helps to combat a forward head and shoulder posture. 
  3. When you curl upward and press your ribs & spine into the ball, you get a lengthening stretch through the interspinal muscles that run up your back. So it’s great for spine health too!
  4. You get a killer workout for your upper abdominals which helps to reinforce the natural curves in your spine.

Alrighty, let's give it a shot. Just a note: this sequence is not recommended for pregnant women.

Now that you're done, what do you think? Have I converted you into a "crunch" fan? At the very least, I hope this sequence was refreshing and energizing.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Thanks for watching, sharing and crunchin' it out with me.