I will never forget learning this exercise for the first time. I was doing my teacher training at the Kane School and I had a session with one of the expert instructors.

When I was doing it, I couldn’t tell what was really happening in my body. It was REALLY hard for me.

When I stepped down after doing the first side. She said “walk around.”  If I had just been pulled over by a cop, I wouldn’t have been able to walk the line in a sobriety test. One leg felt SO different than the other. I was veering to one side and my body was having trouble acclimating.

At the time, I had no idea how important this exercise would be for me. About 5 years later, it became an exercise I did religiously in physical therapy (in the context of a full program) to get myself out of pain.

It’s still a go-to exercise for my own hip health.

Try it with me and feel how your hips transform. You'll gain strength and  improve your balance! I love this exercise and I hope you do too.

I must say, this exercise grew on me (I resisted the fact that I needed it for some time) and it's still a challenge.

The exercises that we need the most are the ones we resist doing and the ones that are the hardest for us.

Do you have a Pilates exercise that feels this way to you? I wanna know in the comments below!