If you’ve been following me for a bit, you likely know how much I’m obsessed with feet. The title of this blog post is true (other than the fact that our feet actually have 26 bones- it’s not just one bone like the song tells us). But it would be more true to say that the feet are connected to every part of our body.

How we use our feet and our habits in relationship to our feet (standing, walking, running, even what our feet are doing when we sit) affect our entire body.

Rolling our feet allows for more mobility and we feel more connected to the ground. Plus- when we release the soles of the feet, the entire back of the body gets more hydrated, more elastic and more fluid.

There are fascial (connective tissue) chains that run throughout our entire body. According to Thomas W. Myers in his book Anatomy Trains, there is a chain of connective tissue that runs from the soles of the feet, travels up the back of the legs, up the spine, over the back of the head and connects at the forehead!

Feel it for yourself with the video below. Please note that this particular foot rolling sequence is a combination of techniques that I’ve learned from Kelly Kane and Madeline Black.

Remember this when your feet are tired at the end of the day, when you first wake up, before a walk or run, and in general if you feel swelling in your lower legs.

I can't wait to hear about your experience in the comments!