For today's final hip-health ingredient, I'm giving you a standing exercise that will challenge your balance, your whole body and specifically the deep rotator muscles in the hips. These muscles sit deep in the pelvis and are responsible for rotating your legs externally. These muscles, like the glutes, get weak from sitting. They need to be moved and worked to keep your backside feeling strong and healthy.

Stick with it until the end of the exercise, where I share an easy and inexpensive way to keep your hips(and your mind) happy and healthy without a lot of fuss ;)

If you wanna make this harder, stand on a more unstable surface, like a bosu or a half foam roller and work out the wobbles!

For a great feel-good workout on the mat, string all of the Key Ingredients For Hip Health posts into one nice movement sequence:

  1. Hamstring Stretch
  2. Quad & Psoas Stretch
  3. Flexion & Extension
  4. Abduction & Adduction
  5. Today's video: Deep Rotators

Here's to your happy hips!!!