Stretching the quads(front of the thigh) and Psoas muscle (hip flexor), can be hugely beneficial. Not only for the hips, but also for the low back. While the quad muscles straighten the leg at the knee. One of the quad muscles(the Rectus Femoris) actually crosses the knee AND the hip and acts as a hip flexor. By stretching the quads, you're helping to open up the hip!

The beauty of stretching the psoas(your deep hip flexor) is that just by stretching this muscle, you'll stretch the front of you hip but you'll also relieve tension in the low back. The psoas connects the femur(thigh bone) directly into the lumbar vertebrae (low back vertebrae). Boom!

These are perfect for before and after a long hike or walk. You can even perform the prone quad stretch upright. Just place a hand against a wall or stable railing for balance. See where you can incorporate these into your life.

Combine this with the Hamstring Stretch (your first installment of Key Ingredients for Hip Health) for a sweet hip-opening sequence.