Today I'm sharing a prep exercise for the Leg Pull. The Leg Pull is typically done toward the end of a mat class. It can be considered a reverse plank-with flair. In it's full form, the Leg Pull is quite advanced and quite challenging.

This prep, along with the full exercise (coming next week) will work the back side of the body. What I love specifically about this classical mat exercise, is the upper body work that happens.

We open the chest, while asking the back side to support the open chest. This leads to some awesome upper body strengthening that will help to undo your “computer posture”

You get lots of bang for your buck with this exercise and I can guarantee that by the end of this brief video, you will feel warm and worked.

As always, if this exercise doesn’t feel good in your body, don’t do it! As I progress through the sequence, feel free to simply hang out in the original position if the progression is to challenging or you are losing form.

If you’re unsure if this exercise is right for you, ask your instructor or email me with questions.

Now that you're done, what do you think? Love it? Hate it? Tell me everything in the comments below. Remember, the exercises you don't like doing in Pilates are likely the ones you need the most!