What comes to mind when you think of the word Fear? How often do you find yourself in hesitation of doing something because fear slips in? What if we flipped fear on its head and thought of fear as a friend and ally? A supporter of your life and your dreams?

In a recent interview, writer Elizabeth Gilbert discusses fear and how it’s always going to be there. It’s not going anywhere. So rather than trying to beat it, push through it and conquer it, why don’t we embrace it?

She goes on to explain that fear’s actual goal is to protect us. But the issue is that fear doesn’t know the difference between a little nervousness vs. real danger. For example, being afraid to sing karaoke in front of a crowd vs. being chased by lions.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • Fear of taking a group class for the first time at a new studio or with a new teacher
  • Studying privately with that amazing teacher for fear she’d see your weaknesses(but wait- isn’t that the point so you can move beyond them?)
  • The fear of practicing certain exercises on your own for fear of doing it wrong

When I was doing intense physical therapy on my feet a few years back, my PT showed me the exercises one time and then I was expected to do them as homework. Until I was finished with my therapy.

There were times when I was worried that my alignment was off, or I was doing something incorrectly.

Over time, I learned that the clarity, the understanding of the exercises, and the progression of my healing was in the doing of the exercises. Similarly, when it comes to Pilates, the gold is in the practice.

If we can’t get past the fear, how can we progress?

Whether you’re afraid of jumping into your first group class, or you’re afraid of writing that book you’ve been dreaming of, perhaps the following tips can help::

  • Become aware of how often you feel the sense of fear. Then embrace it.
  • When you feel fear creep in, conjure courage. The courage to do it anyway.
  • Understand that whatever your goals may be, it’s a process and a journey to get across the finish line. Think of your time working toward your goals as precious, enjoyable exploration.
  • Light some candles and put on some sweet tunes to keep you inspired when you’re working on your goals.
  • When you feel stuck, ask your teacher, your friend or your mentor for help!
  • Sometimes we have to do something 100 times and then on the 101st try, it clicks and we get it! Don’t give up.

On the other side of fear is something amazingly awesome!

If you’re feeling courageous, let me know 1 goal that you’ve been afraid of working towards and how you plan to take steps to get there.

For me, it’s planning my first online course/program. But there, I took the first step in saying it to you! Until now it’s been in my head and I simply have to act on it!



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