There are so many gifts that Pilates gives to our bodies.

One of the things I LOVE about Pilates is that we learn about our bodies with each session.

We learn from different angles. Different points of view. Different movement patterns.

Quadruped is a position that we rarely find ourselves in on an everyday basis.

With the invention of Swiffers, gone are the days of scrubbing the floor like Cinderella. If you care for a crawling baby or find yourself searching for a lost contact lens, you might find yourself on all 4s.

But can you think of other times? It’s not all that common anymore.

This position has huge benefits: Weight bearing into the wrists, strengthening shoulders, flexion at the hips, core work, spine strength. It’s truly a great and functional place to be.

Enjoy this brief quadruped mat sequence to strengthen your shoulders, arms and core.

Now that you're done, I want to know: Do you find yourself in quadruped regularly? If so- what are you doing?

Thanks for taking the time to give your body a little Pilates love with me today.