Did you know that the two bones of our shins (the tibia and the fibula, as pictured) can actually move within our shin? 

In fact, we WANT them to move as our ankles move. These two bones spiral away from each other as we point the foot and spiral toward each other as we flex the foot.

Often times our shins get stuck and that spiraling doesn’t happen. Today I give you a release of the front of the shin that will help to get those shin bones moving and you're tootsies feeling great in no time. 

Grab a pinky ball (or a tennis ball) and give it a shot with me.

As you walk around after this mobilization, do you feel a difference in your feet, ankles or shins? Let me know in the comments below.

Wanna dig deeper?  Try this calf release in addition to today’s video. Your calf (and your feet) will thank you!