Until I started Pilates,I had little to no upper body strength. 

After a neck injury about 8 years ago, I realized how important upper body strength is in regard to keeping my neck and shoulders happy and healthy.

This side-lying arm sequence will tone and stretch your arms. It's a favorite of many of my clients. And I teach it quite regularly to my prenatal students, since it's safe and wonderful for pregnant women.

For this sequence, you’ll need a handweight and a mat. 

For ladies I recommend a 2 or 3 pound hand weight and for men I recommend 5-8 pounds. Only work in a range that feels good to your shoulders.

Click below to give it a shot!

Now that you’re finished, leave a note in the comments below to let me know 

  1. Which movement was the most challenging to you?
  2.  How do you feel now that you’re finished?