Back in the day, when I studied dance consistently(ie:5-6 days a week), there were certain things that I loved about how I felt in my body as a result of all the regular training. 

One thing I loved is a nice strong leg to balance on. Balancing on one leg at the end of a barre routine(and really anywhere I found myself standing) became a passion of mine.

Every day was a new adventure in finding how stable I could be on a consistent basis. Some days those balances en pointe just didn’t happen. Other days I could stay forever.

I found THE MOST consistency with my balance when I added Pilates as cross-training with my daily dance regimen. 

Balance is a funny thing- unless we practice it, we lose it. And as we age the importance of balance rises exponentially. 

Imagine yourself at 85. Wouldn’t it be great to feel strong in your legs. Capable of walking with ease, sure-footed and confident. 

I challenge you to incorporate this simple exercise into your every day life. Forever. It only gets better with practice and it’s a simple way to feel amazing. 

If you struggle with balance, I’d suggest trying this exercise standing next to a wall or counter. A place where you can hold on to something stable for support. Then over time, try to use the support less and less, until you no longer need it.

Now that you're with me on the SLB Challenge, I want to hear from you. In the comments below, let me know:

  1. Where or when do you plan on balancing? How creative can you get? You'll be surprised at how easily you can do this in public without anyone even blinking an eye.
  2. Can you envision yourself adding this into your daily routine?
  3. What else do you envision about yourself as you age?

Thanks so much for balancing with me today(and forever). Here's to a lifetime with strong legs.



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