As Thanksgiving 2014 is upon us, I’ve been reflecting on my relationship with gratitude.

I’ve found gratitude to be one of the most rewarding practices in my toolbelt for life. I tend toward optimism. But in times where I find myself in a “glass half empty” state of mind, gratitude has been THE thing that picks me back up.

I’ve just come off of a 5 month journey with the Hawaii Children’s Theatre production of Shrek the Musical. As I sit here writing and I reflect on the awesome experience of being part of something as magical as Shrek was here on Kauai, my body literally aches. My low back and my hips just plain hurt!

Yes, I’ve stretched, I’ve foam rolled, I’ve put in time on the reformer. I’ve had massages. I’ve kept up with my personal training sessions.

So, what is my body telling me?

Well- let’s backtrack.

The weeks leading up to our opening were quite stressful. We rehearsed day in and day out(it’s what needed to be done). Not only was I dancing and singing in rehearsals, but as part of a community theatre prodcution, lots of help was needed everywhere.

I sewed elastic on my hat, I helped construct dragon scales, I had meetings with the makeup team. I met with other dancers outside of scheduled rehearsals to review choreography.

And then there was the show itself. Shrek was physically demanding. Throughout the 2 1/2 hour show, I had no breaks. I performed in 7 numbers, with 7 costume changes and 6 makeup changes, there was no time to rest.

Outside of the show I was working my butt off to teach my classes, and see clients, write my newsletter, make videos. Hello adrenaline!

It’s no wonder I’m in pain. My body is asking me- begging me to just. stop. Sometimes just resting your body and taking time to acknowledge what it IS doing for you can be the most healing remedy to pain. 

Now that the curtains have closed and since hindsight is 20/20, I’m realizing just how much my body has endured over the last 5 months of rehearsals and the run of the show.

So today, I’d like to thank my body with a little note:

To my body:  You are amazing! You do so much for me day in and day out. I thank you for supporting me in all that I do. I thank you for enduring through the stress of Shrek, the musical. For not giving out on me completely. I thank you for helping me realize that all the parts of me serve a beautiful purpose. I thank you for staying strong, for healing, for sustaining me through things I didn’t think I could do. Thank you body, for all that you do!

This Thanksgiving, whether you choose to rest or you choose to run a marathon. Take a moment and thank your body for all it’s done for you, all it’s doing, and all it will do in the future to support your beautiful life.

I encourage you to thank your body daily. Notice how it responds. 

What can you thank your body for today? I want to hear all about the beauty that is YOU in the comments below.

               Aloha and Happy Thanksgiving,