How do your neck & shoulders feel in this moment?Does your head feel like it’s stacked on your spine? Can you breathe easily? Are your shoulders grounded or are they up to your ears?

If you missed my interview with Pippa and her standing stretch video, click here to check it out now so you can get an understanding of what this fascia stuff is all about.

It’s helpful to have an understanding of fascia before you try today’s video but- if you’re crunched for time, try today’s video now! Cause you’ll feel great really quickly, regardless of your knowledge of fascia.

Today Pippa Frame is sharing a quick and easy sequence to unwind & release the neck & shoulders. Who doesn’t need a little of this? Take 5 minutes and try it now!

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Do you feel more grounded and more aligned from these stretches? Let me know in the comments below!

Enjoy your newly opened neck & shoulders AND have an awesome day!