Lo and behold, it is February.

What do we all think of when February rolls around?

  • Winter, Groundhog day, more winter
  • Black History Month. That’s a good one, I do enjoy Black History
  • This year the Super Bowl was in February,

but the “big one” is Valentine’s Day.

While I'm definitely a lover (not a fighter), I’ve always had funny feelings about Valentine’s day because it tends to be quite commercial and we all have different feelings about the day depending on our life situation. Many of us love the holiday, others hate it, and some just can’t be bothered.

The bottom line is that we all think about valentine’s day as a day of giving to our “valentine” whether that is our partner, child, Mom, Dad, pets, BFF, our baby Daddy, etc.

But what about YOU? Stop for a second and think about how much love you’re giving to yourself on a daily basis. If you’re a woman, you’re likely spending lots of time caring for the people around you and not really devoting a ton of time to yourself.  We can’t help it, it’s in the way we are wired.

My challenge to you this month is to add in a little something for yourself! Take 5 minutes or less out of your day and devote it to YOU.

Over the next 4 weeks I will be presenting 4 simple ways to love yourself and your body.

Today’s simple self care tip:

Stretch your calves! Seems simple. It is. It doesn’t take long, you don’t need any tools other than a wall, and it’s very beneficial.

Here’s how:

  1. Stand facing a wall
  2. Place your hands against the wall at shoulder level
  3. Take one foot forward and the opposite foot back. Be sure all 10 toes are pointing straight forward toward the wall (aka keep your feet parallel).
  4. Bend the front knee and lean your body weight into the wall.
  5. Keep your back heel connected to the ground and keep thinking of reaching that back heel down into the ground and back behind you.
  6. Hold for approximately 30 seconds and allow the calf muscles in the back leg to release
  7. Now repeat on the other side.

The greater distance between your front foot and your back foot, the bigger the stretch. So adjust as needed for your body.

This is a great one to do first thing in the morning before you start your day and right before you get into bed. It’s also perfect just after a long walk or jog.

We often hold tension in our calves, cause hey, the minute we stand up, our calves are working. We go about our lives and our calves are supporting us the entire time. Show your appreciation to your calves by stretching them. And you might even notice a difference in the way your knees and feet feel when you do this regularly.

Take action now! Stretch your calves and let me know how it went and how you feel afterward in the comments below. [If you don't see the comment box below, scroll up and click the little gray comment box next to the headline of this post].

Thanks so much for reading, sharing and contributing below.